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  • Support: 32/64 bit Windows 10 Pro.
  • Validity: Lifetime – Unlimited reinstall.
  • Brand: Microsoft
  • Delivery Time: 2 Minutes

For Any Doubts Contact Us On Whatsapp & Call : 8058778868

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✔️ Upgrade From Windows 10 Home To Windows 10 Pro And Activate Copy Of Windows As Pro

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✔️ 1 User / PC (Lifetime Retail Key)

Full warranty offered. We guarantee that you will receive a working code, or your money back.

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Unlock Ultimate Features with a Windows 10 Pro Product Key. Buy Windows 10 Product Key at unbeatable prices exclusively from

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Product Language and Region

Our Windows 10 Product Keys support multiple languages and are operable worldwide, including in India. Upgrade from Windows 10 Home to Windows 10 Pro seamlessly.

Video Review

Get a comprehensive understanding of the features and benefits of purchasing a Windows 10 Pro Product Key from by watching our in-depth video review.

Features: Why Choose Our Windows 10 Pro Product Key?

  • Enhanced Start Menu Functionality
  • Easy Domain Joining
  • Remote Desktop Login
  • Hyper-V Support
  • Ideal for New PC Installations

How to Activate Your Windows 10 Pro License

Activating your Windows 10 Pro is simple. Just follow these steps:

  1. Search for “Activation” in the Start Menu
  2. Click on “Change product key”
  3. Enter the key purchased from Indiadigitalstore
  4. Click “Next,” then “Activate”

Note: An internet connection is required for activation.

  1. enter product key
    enter product key


      • You are done with activating your windows 10 pro with a digital key license.
    windows 10 is activated
    windows 10 is activated

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Processor: 1 GHz or faster
  • RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit)
  • Hard Disk: 16 GB (32-bit) or 20 GB (64-bit)
  • Graphics: DirectX 9 with WDDM 1.0 driver
  • Display: 800×600
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is the Product Key reusable after a system format?
    Yes, just ensure the license is linked to your Microsoft account for automatic reactivation upon reinstallation.
  • How can I check my activation status?
    Use the command prompt and type “slmgr.vbs /xpr” to view your activation status.
  • Are these Product Keys genuine?
    Absolutely, our Windows 10 keys are procured in bulk, ensuring you get 100% genuine keys at discounted prices.

Customer Support

We provide 24×7 full support. For any inquiries, you can live chat, email us, or call us anytime.

 हिन्दी उसेर्स के लिए – Questions & Answers

प्रश्न: अगर मुझे अपने पीसी को  फॉर्मेट करना है, तो फिर से विंडोज़ 10 को फिर से स्थापित करने के बाद, क्या Key अभी भी काम कर रही होगी?
A: हाँ यह काम करेगा। कृपया सुनिश्चित करें कि आपने अपने लाइसेंस को अपने Ms खाते से लिंक किया है। इस तरह, आपको फिर से स्थापना के बाद Key दर्ज करने की आवश्यकता नहीं होगी, यह स्वचालित रूप से सक्रिय होगा  |

प्रश्न: आप बहुत कम कीमत में क्यों बेच रहे हैं वे आरिजिनल या लीगल उत्पाद key हैं?
A: हम थोक मूल्य में keys खरीदते हैं इसलिए हम कम कीमत में प्रदान करते हैं ये key 100% आरिजिनल वास्तविक उत्पाद Key हैं।

प्रश्न: मुझे विंडोज 10 Pro Key क्यों खरीदना चाहिए?
A: यह आपकी विंडोज़ ओएस को वास्तविक बनाता है और आप जीवन भर के अपडेट प्राप्त कर सकते हैं अब ओर प्रतीक्षा नहीं करें ओर विंडोज़ 10 उत्पाद की Key खरीदें।

प्रश्न: Key खरीदने के बाद key कहाँ ओर कितनी देर मे मिलेगी ओर अगर मुझे कोई हेल्प चाइये तो केसे लू?
A: Key खरीदने के बाद key आपको आपके ईमेल पे मिलेगी जो आप पेमेंट करते वक़्त ढालेंगे उस पर तुरंत भेज दी जाएगी साथ ही आपको पूरा तरीका एक्टिवेट करने  का ईमेल के साथ भेज दिया जाएगा ओर आप कभी भी हमारे WhatsApp नंबर पे बात कर सकते है , हमारा WhatsApp & Calling नंबर – 7357233831.

Additional Products

We also offer a wide range of other Microsoft products, including Office 2016, Office 2019, and Office 2021.


Download Windows 10 from the Official Microsoft Website. Thank you for considering, your trusted source for Windows 10 Product Keys in India.

Additional Information

Looking for a Windows 10 Home Product Key? Click here.


Thank you for considering, your best choice for buying a Windows 10 Product Key in India.

Looking for a Windows 10 Home Product Key? Click here.

109 reviews for Buy Windows 10 Product Key Pro Lifetime

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    sijo puthiyaprambil kuruvilla (verified owner)

  2. Avatar of Tushar Bhatia

    Tushar Bhatia (verified owner)

    Everything was in Matters of Seconds not even a full 60 seconds, You just need to be little Techi for there system to understand , But everything went so smooth , I will surely recomnded to buy from them

  3. Avatar of NARAYAN

    NARAYAN (verified owner)


    SANTOSH KUMAR AKULA (verified owner)

    Working. Up graded to win 10 home to professional (pro)

  5. Avatar of santosh.akula9

    santosh.akula9 (verified owner)

    i upgraded from win10 home to win 10 pro.
    After purchase i got digital licence key in my mail.
    yes this key is working.
    but i don’t know this key can use in another device or only for this PC.
    but my PC upgraded to pro.
    In the Microsoft app store its cost is 6000 rupees.
    but in this site only 999.

  6. Avatar of Sajeev Kumar

    Sajeev Kumar (verified owner)

  7. Avatar of Arun Babu

    Arun Babu (verified owner)

    it works – confirmed.

  8. Avatar of Radhakrishnan Dharmapalan

    Radhakrishnan Dharmapalan (verified owner)

    Great service. Issues with activation was solved in minute.


    DOLREICH MAWLONG (verified owner)


  10. Avatar of SAHIL KHAN

    SAHIL KHAN (verified owner)

    True Value of Money & With Great Support.

  11. Avatar of Rohit Tarur

    Rohit Tarur (verified owner)

    Excellent customer service and pricing is good too

  12. Avatar of Abhidesh Jain

    Abhidesh Jain (verified owner)

  13. Avatar of PRASANT JENA

    PRASANT JENA (verified owner)

  14. Avatar of Kiran S

    Kiran S (verified owner)

    Extremely satisfied with the product, this is my second purchase

  15. Avatar of Rathish Ravindran

    Rathish Ravindran (verified owner)

    Got activated successfully.

  16. Avatar of Madusuthanan Sabapathy

    Madusuthanan Sabapathy (verified owner)

  17. Avatar of Ashok Kumar K.

    Ashok Kumar K. (verified owner)

    I got Win 10 Pro Retail lifetime license activated with help of support from indiadigital store

  18. Avatar of Kannabiran V

    Kannabiran V (verified owner)

  19. Avatar of Biswarup Mandal

    Biswarup Mandal (verified owner)

    The key is working fine

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    SHUVAM SAR (verified owner)

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    kailash g. (verified owner)

    Authentic & Best Service…👌👌👍👍👍

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    Justin (verified owner)

    Great deal to buy here

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    AMIT SHARMA (verified owner)

    It worked and the support was great

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    Dharmendra Pandey (verified owner)


  26. Avatar of Lakshay Malhotra

    Lakshay Malhotra (verified owner)

    Delivery wasn’t instant and there was a slight delay. I was unable to contact you guys over the mail/chat and didn’t want to push via phone because of the ongoing situations. But I do trust and so did wait for a day or two to drop a message on whatsapp and got a response. So just wanted to convey a sincere thank you for helping out here. 🙂

  27. Avatar of Akhilesh Bhagat

    Akhilesh Bhagat (verified owner)

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    Satyajit Mishra (verified owner)

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    Shakuntala (verified owner)

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    Karan Sood (verified owner)

    amazing it works buy with no worry

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    Gaurang Patel (verified owner)


  32. Avatar of Abhishek

    Abhishek (verified owner)

    Spot on customer assistance. The software was activated in no time. So far so good.

  33. Avatar of KUNAL BANERJEE


    Very good support received from the team..Had a good experience of support since I faced some trouble to get the activation done. Thanks to the Team once more…

  34. Avatar of pranabendusarkar67

    pranabendusarkar67 (verified owner)

    it will work fine

  35. Avatar of chandan.rkgit


    purchased it And the support over what’s app is too cool and anytime

  36. Avatar of pious1990

    pious1990 (verified owner)

    Works like a charm 🖖🏼

  37. Avatar of samantassociateslko

    samantassociateslko (verified owner)

    Wow.. Windows Professional and Office 2019 Professional Plus… Activation without a hassle. kudos to IndiaDigitalStore.

  38. Avatar of Ram Bhardwaj

    Ram Bhardwaj

    Like everyone else, I was also not sure if I buy from here but I called the customer care number and it was answered thus looked genuine to me and then went ahead with pur hase and honesty it worked like a charm. I recommend.

  39. Avatar of vivek007goyal

    vivek007goyal (verified owner)

    It worked. I thought it wont . But it does. after payment immediately they provide the key on your email along with upgrade key. They provide me Enterprises than that of Pro. Which is way better than Pro. Go for it.

  40. Avatar of Abhilekh verma

    Abhilekh verma

    bahut hi ahchi service hai key ek dam ahchi kaam kar rhi hai turant mail pe aa jati hai very good site to purchase windows and office key.

  41. Avatar of virat soni

    virat soni (verified owner)

    Great service.
    Very fast delivery and instant activation thanks.

  42. Avatar of Chinu

    Chinu (verified owner)

    Received key within 2 minutes of payment and its lifetime activation…thank you so much…

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    Activated Thanks & service was very fast i loved it

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    Ya.. First i thought, how its available for low price. I just tried. It worked. perfectly.
    My PC activated successfully. Thanks guys.

  46. Avatar of K P Manjunath

    K P Manjunath (verified owner)

    Very good. I got my window 10pro activated on 21.06.20

  47. Avatar of Dev

    Dev (verified owner)

    Awesome service by indiadigital , when I faild to activate window 10 pro they give me full support and activate my window using team viewer , I love that ,and it’s 100% genuine , Highly recommend to all of my friends and you. Thank you ,

  48. Avatar of venkatsashi242

    venkatsashi242 (verified owner)

    Man! Initially was a little doubtful but the key really works and I am shocked. All the Windows updates are downloading onto my Laptop.
    Good work guys! I would recommend this site.

  49. Avatar of kv.vaishakh

    kv.vaishakh (verified owner)

    Worked for me. Instant delivery over email. Thanks for the super-fast service.

  50. Avatar of DIVYA PRAKASH

    DIVYA PRAKASH (verified owner)

    so fast , easy and 100% genuine… this site is amazing…… the costomer care service is awesome….

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    Darshan Kumar (verified owner)

    Mr Ashish helped a lot, go for it don’t get confused, it’s 100% genuine and the support of Mr. Ashish is just amazing

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    steve.arun (verified owner)

    Got the key by email in a minute. Activated immediately.

  54. Avatar of Anubhav Sapra

    Anubhav Sapra (verified owner)

    First I was a little bit nervous but Its absolutely original and I verified it too,

  55. Avatar of Shubham Gupta

    Shubham Gupta (verified owner)

    Brilliant, works absolutely fine.

  56. Avatar of Yck


    Good and genuine service

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    shouvik.605 (verified owner)

    the service is so good,and the activation key is genuine,thank you

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    rsudhakar8820 (verified owner)

    Efficient service, I received the activation key immediately and it worked. Thank you.

  59. Avatar of Pranav

    Pranav (verified owner)

    Awesome support guys .Thank you .My windows copy of pro version is now activated without any issues .

  60. Avatar of Mohammed


    Affordable price and very good service. Customer support person was very helpful..

  61. Avatar of rozerio.sampson


    Best for this price. I thought that these keys are super expensive but this site has awsome prices and genuine products… the customer support on chat ( Shaifali) was super helpful. She helped me with upgrading and setting up windows…. Have already recommended it to friends… Thank you IndiaDigitalStore

  62. Avatar of Sarbajit Roy

    Sarbajit Roy (verified owner)

    Being an IT professional and veteran in software industry I am well aware about the verious fraud schemes being played. Although i had doubt at first whether to buy a key from this site or not as the price is very low and lucrative, i decided to go ahead. It cost me 750 bucks only so i took a gamble.
    I received the key within moments of payment and the link provided to download the OS iso file is from Microsoft server only, no mirror or pirate site.
    The key worked perfectly and it is authenticated by Microsoft itself.
    Very happy with the experience i would recomend anyone to use the service provided by indiadigitalstore. I can gurranty the user satisfaction.

  63. Avatar of Manoj Bhute

    Manoj Bhute (verified owner)

    Instant delivery, no issues. best purchase of the year.

  64. Avatar of Biplab Ranjan Ghosh

    Biplab Ranjan Ghosh (verified owner)

    Very affordable. Good support. Recommended to buy.

  65. Avatar of Samson Mathew

    Samson Mathew (verified owner)

    The site is having all Genuine purchases.
    The support team especially is very cooperating in solving any issues and they are very prompt. Will surely be my next site to purchase any products. Thanks Team

  66. Avatar of Harshith

    Harshith (verified owner)

    When I purchased the product key, it took time to send me the confirmation email. But after few hours i got the product key. Satisfied with the Customer service.

  67. Avatar of Manoj

    Manoj (verified owner)

    Very Happy
    Excellent Service with good customer support.Its Original product key.Thank you so much.
    I will recommend to my friends

  68. Avatar of Ashok Kumar A

    Ashok Kumar A (verified owner)

    Very happy.
    Excellent service with great customer support. It’s a original product Key. Thanks you so much.
    Recommended one pls use of it.

  69. Avatar of Rishi Pal Sehrawat

    Rishi Pal Sehrawat (verified owner)

    The best service instant delivery and best customer help service.
    Very happy. Excellent service with great customer support. It’s a original product Key. Thanks you so much.

  70. Avatar of Arun gond

    Arun gond (verified owner)

    The best service instant delivery and best customer help service.
    Very happy . Thank you so much.

  71. Avatar of ajay singh

    ajay singh (verified owner)

    absolutely wonderful service provided
    i was totally satisfied with their prompt and efficient service
    online help was excellent

  72. Avatar of Santanu Pati

    Santanu Pati

    5 star for 5 star service i got my key instantly and it work definitely.
    The team is very helpful.

  73. Avatar of Abhishek Dixit

    Abhishek Dixit

    Purchased Win 10 key, ofc 19 pro key. Very smooth process, secure payment, and dedicated customer support. Awesome experience!! I will recommend to others as well.

  74. Avatar of Parag Akole

    Parag Akole

    very good experience of support.

  75. Avatar of Shubham


    Good experience of service

  76. Avatar of Vignesh Rathinasabapathi

    Vignesh Rathinasabapathi

    Good product, the support from Ashish is excellent & very helpful. even i wrongly bought another product key, but Ashish have supported very well what i need. i am completely impressed

  77. Avatar of Balu


    Excellent service with great customer support. It’s a original product Key. 5/5 stars

  78. Avatar of Rahul


    Excellent. I am happy customer. Ashish is very helpful and quickly help me to activate windows 10 Pro. Key is valid and all good. Thanks a lot.



    Original product key with windows 10 pro official download link.But they supporting me via any desk active my window its work and update.realy nice product and service too good.



    Very Nice Customer Care. Am Impressed . Very Good Service Windows 10 Under Budget . Thank You Eproductkeys

  81. Avatar of Kailash


    Didn’t believed on when saw the price. Tried my luck with this. But to be honest its good. After you purchase it and u don’t know how to do it the guy whose contact number is availabe on website ll help u from start to end in every way n he ll make sure ur windows 10 pro is installed properly and make it activated.

  82. Avatar of Padmamani


    I got my windows10 pro genuine key on 26 march 2020. Finally my windows is genuine. Even customer support is very well. I am happy with this product. Keep it up.

  83. Avatar of Kksingh


    Mr Ashish is very helpful person.
    During activation key he did lots of support me.
    Thank you Ashish

  84. Avatar of Padmamani


    I got my windows 10 pro key on 26 march 2020. Finally my windows 10 is genuine. Even customer supports is always good. Keep it up..

  85. Avatar of Thanuja


    Great product and support. they had immediately responded and converted my laptop to windows pro. Great support. Has been there till the end.

  86. Avatar of Chinmay


    Excellent work by customer care

    Product id worked and also they provided support via TeamViewer

  87. Avatar of Mgr


    Amazing service.

  88. Avatar of Somashekar


    Dedicated professionals. I could get my windows 10 Pro activated very easily. Price is very reasonable. I strongly recommend.

  89. Avatar of Amandeep Singh

    Amandeep Singh

    Genuine product at very reasonable price. Quick delivery and key worked in first attempt.
    Tried by formatting again and same key working. Bought other products also from here and recommend to friends.

  90. Avatar of Pavneet Singh

    Pavneet Singh

    Quick service. Initially, activated the key. Good stuff.

  91. Avatar of Medha


    Awesome ! Great support

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    Muzammil A

    Great service.
    Faces some hassles while installing but support team was quick to handle issues. thanks

  93. Avatar of yevano


    Great service, I had got the mail in minutes of purchase, and there was support online on chat, Ashish was online all time and helped me with queries in no time and my windows got activated in no time. Great support and if any other products needed would buy from here again.

  94. Avatar of Allen Christopher

    Allen Christopher

    Great key, more over great customer service! Best value for money to buy windows 10 keys! Would buy again!

  95. Avatar of Pankaj Jain

    Pankaj Jain

    Highly recommended the key worked absolutely fine

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    instant delivery good service satisfied!!

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    Amey manekar


  98. Avatar of Amey Manekar

    Amey Manekar

    Very fast service
    I received my product key within 2 minutes

  99. Avatar of Harish M

    Harish M

    Genuine product and excellent customer care. Its very difficult to get these kind support of now a days. My thanks to Ashish for all the support. You can buy product from here with 100 confidence.

  100. Avatar of thupaks


    Genuine product and good support from the customer care… Helped a lot in installing windows 10… Thank you so much… And it’s 100℅ genuine products for low price…

  101. Avatar of Debasish Mukherjee

    Debasish Mukherjee

    Excellent and very prompt service. The key works as advertised. Highly recommended.

  102. Avatar of SREENATH


    Excellent seller. Provided keys as advertised.Support was excellent. They replaced key and assisted with the activation part. Very happy with the choice

  103. Avatar of Shivram Maurya

    Shivram Maurya

    Good work good service key is working very good thanks.

  104. Avatar of Nick


    Intially issue with the key but online support is good and instantly i was provided with another key. Thanks and lot for the product and amazing support

  105. Avatar of raman.r


    very nice product & service also very speed. I like eproduct key website

  106. Avatar of Tridib Das

    Tridib Das

    Amazing service provided, thanks, I got windows 10 activate key within few minutes after payment, hope u would feel same from ur side

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    Ratan Kumar

    very nice product fast service key worked very well cheap price very good service original product key.

  108. Avatar of aseem.khare1609


    Used the live chat functionality and the support person was first class. They provided me with the key immediately on an alternate email address. The key worked flawlessly. I was amazed by the low price of the product but more than that i was amazed by the quick support.

  109. Avatar of Vikash Yadav

    Vikash Yadav

    worked well key is original and easy to use got instant delivery.

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